Lexington Blogger Brunch: Pinterest Perfection and Social Anxiety


A couple of weeks ago, right before the move, I was invited to a Lexington Blogger Brunch. While I’ve met many bloggers at conferences and meet-ups throughout my 8 years of blogging (some of whom I now consider among my closest friends), I’ve always networked in a safe bubble of plus size fashion or body positive fitness.

I get invited to local store events (where many bloggers mingle) and usually decline because they have no plus size offerings, other than a limited selection of accessories. It’s not super fun to go to a grand opening for a store and not have anything in your size. That’s not something I would typically do, and not something I’d usually share with my community.

Everything in me wanted to decline the invite to this particular meet up. It was bad timing with the move for sure, but the overwhelming reason was the fear of not fitting in. I’d be larger than everyone, my outfit might not be as “cool,” I’d almost certainly be the oldest blogger, and my resting bitch face doesn’t do me any favors with making me appear approachable! I like to say that I’m an outgoing introvert. Gatherings with a lot of people really drain everything out of me, but I don’t have a fear of meeting people, nor do I ever want to isolate myself. I’m a social person, but not the kind of person you’ll find striking up conversations with every stranger at a party.

Sometimes, you have to acknowledge that you’re standing in your own way. This is one of those times I realized I needed to suck it up and show up. It was a great opportunity to meet new people who also can relate to the weird world of blogging.

You all, this event was Pinterest perfection. I got to the venue, The Barn at Springhouse in Nicholasville, and was blown away. I’ve purchased shrubs from Springhouse Gardens before, and never realized this event venue was in the back.

Talk about a perfect venue for an outdoor wedding that has both glam and rustic touches. It was all swoon worthy.

The pallet table was set to perfection. You all, I don’t even own a set of China, so this is beyond anything I would have ever put together or even been able to imagine. Kayla has the tutorial here. I will say as a large person, sitting on the ground that close to people wasn’t ideal because I am super aware of how my body can encroach on other spaces. (This is a personal, but practical issue that happens at many events – fashion shows are the worst! Hopefully this doesn’t come off as criticism because it’s not at.all!!!) But it was a gorgeous setup and totally fit the venue. The tabletop styling tips can be translated to any surface, so I’m saving all the ideas for sure.

There was a mimosa bar, which I think is a good idea for any event. Emily at Miss Molly Vintage has a full tutorial about how she set this up.

She also set up a DIY flower crown bar, which was really fun! I’ve thought about making a flower crown for Oaks or Derby one year and now I know how!

Wearing a Melissa McCarthy Seven7 dress, which has been my go-to for instant cheer (even when I’m really dragging) all summer long.

For as Pinterest-worthy and Instagrammable as everything was, I was there for the people! Everyone I met was really lovely and I look forward to following them and seeing them again. Even though I’m in Shelbyville now, and will be in Louisville soon, I still plan on being in Lexington regularly.

There were also great swag bags, and a Chick Charms succulent plant from Springhouse Gardens that is now thriving on my new kitchen windowsill. Special thanks to all the vendors who contributed to the awesome goodie bags: Shop Local KY, Miss Molly Vintage, AJ Apothecary, Shop Twenty, Morton James, Springhouse Gardens, Whole Foods Lexington, and Kentucky Yarnbirds. I have to thank Shop Local KY in particular for having a tee that went to a 3X, and to Tiff of Bright on a Budget for getting it for me. Another common problem with blogger events that aren’t in my plus size niche – sizing of swag. This was a great surprise, and really appreciated.

I’m really glad I got out of my own head on this one and said “yes” to attending.

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Amanda Zopp | Salt & Life Blog

Our brunch was held at The Barn at Springhouse in Nicholasville, Kentucky. All photos taken by Kirstie Dunston Photography, except for the outfit photo and my place setting photo.

PS: If you’re new here and came from any of these awesome bloggers, welcome! I write about plus size fashion, body positivity, fitness (from a body positive perspective), and general lifestyle things. Basically, an oversharer, a lover of life, and champion of living life with all of its imperfections. If you want to see more about me, here are some of my favorite blog posts.

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